EN-to-JP patent translations in smart phone, communications, biochemistry, etc.

[Before] Did you have the following problems in the past? 

  • Your translation was very expensive;
  • Your translator manually typed every single word so that his turnaround time was very long;
  • Your project manager did not listen to you;
  • Your sales agent was not kind to you;
  • Your translation had many inconsistencies;
  • Your translation always missed the due date;
  • You were not happy with your translation in whatever reason, etc.

[Now] When you choose us, your problems are gone forever! 

  • Your translation fee will be affordable;
  • Turnaround time will be shortened by using a highly advanced translation technology;
  • Our project manager will listen to you;
  • Our sales agent will be kind and friendly to you;
  • Your translation will be consistent all the way;
  • Your translation will be submitted on or before the agreed-upon due date;
  • We will do our utmost to make your happy!

Let us help you!

- English, German, French, Chinese, and Korean into Japanese

- We ensure affordability, reliability, and high quality to make you happy!

- If you own a translation memory, please provide us with it for a match rate discount (we could create one for you for future reuse). 

- Electricity patent spec from 0.20 USD per word (ask us for possible discount).

- We could use machine translation if you want us to.

- Anyway, we are listening to you!

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