Multilingual Japanese Patent Translations: EN, DE, FR, CH, KR to Japanese

The only cloud-based LSP in Japan

- Japanese patent translations -

Since we started in 2006, we have translated patent-related documents only.  In 2014, we went cloud.


To make our clients happy, we increase the speed, the accuracy, and the consistency of the translation.  In doing so, we work on Memsource (Memsource Editor and/or Memsource Web-based Editor). 

* We are the first LSP that used Memsource in Japan.


We aim to achieve the best result by combining the latest translation technology and a human translation effort.

In 2015, we would like to establish other language pair units such as German, French, Chinese, and Korean into Japanese.  We will soon appoint a project manager for each language pair.


"Masa Kajiki approaches patent translation in a highly professional manner, and can be depended on to provide accurate translations in advance of a national phase entry due date.  Where necessary, he seeks  the client’s input to ensure that the translation is entirely accurate.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Masa’s work to other attorneys." (International Patent Lawyer from Australia)